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RnnL Founder, Producer, Director, Stage Manager, Instructor

Lynn has been teaching dance for years, especially good at guiding beginner students to explore their full potential. Inspired by contemporary and street dance, she created her own Chinese Street Dance choreos.

Lynn directed and choreographed numerous dance productions, showcases, and commercial performances. 

Lynn was a core member of the cheer-leading team for CBA .

She also starred in the 2008 Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai World EXPO.

Expert in - Contemporary Jazz, Chinese Style Jazz, Jazzfunk, Kpop

RnnL Dance微信二维码, 纽约哪里学舞蹈,纽约学韩舞,纽约学街舞,纽约舞蹈,纽约街舞,纽约kpop,纽约舞蹈学校,纽约街舞社,纽约舞蹈室,曼哈顿舞蹈,


RnnL Founder

Producer, Director, Stage Manager, Instructor

Rong had over 20 years exploring both street styles and traditional Chinese dance. She is dedicated to integrating various styles to create a unique dance experience.

She directed or choreographed for numerous dance productions, showcases, and commercial performances. 

Rong was a background dancer for Selina S.H.E and Xiamen/Taiwan New Year’s Gala. Performed at Time Square, Lincoln Center, and Minnan Opera House.

She graduated from the Broadway Dance Center in New York. Experienced in Hip Pop, Kpop, C-pop.



Worked for SMG as a child star at age of four, Monica has years of singing and dancing performances’ experience. She later entered a K-pop agency as a trainee, trained at CMU for Musical, and graduated from UCSB with a Film and Media degree. Currently, she has signed with a LA music label.

Main focus - Jazzfunk, Heels, Kpop

RnnL Dance微信二维码, 纽约哪里学舞蹈,纽约学韩舞,纽约学街舞,纽约舞蹈,纽约街舞,纽约kpop,纽约舞蹈学校,纽约街舞社,纽约舞蹈室,曼哈顿舞蹈,


  • Undefined Project Dance Crew

  • Registered Dance Teacher

  • Chinese Dancers Association

  • Guest Dancer- VMASS VIP Event

  • Designed Lesson Plans

  • Jazzfunk  | Waacking

RnnL Dance微信二维码, 纽约哪里学舞蹈,纽约学韩舞,纽约学街舞,纽约舞蹈,纽约街舞,纽约kpop,纽约舞蹈学校,纽约街舞社,纽约舞蹈室,曼哈顿舞蹈,


In five years of dancing, Fay has been exposed to choreography, waacking, jazz funk, hiphop, swag, and many other dance styles. Today, her dance work is mainly slow jam choreography, including solo clips and group work. In addition to choreography, Fay also shares popular Kpop clips, mainly focusing on male Kpop group dances. During her tenure as vice leader of her undergraduate dance club in BLCU Buster Crew, Fay co-choreographed two large-scale choreographies, as well as organized and participated in battles and cyphers. Today, Fay is primarily responsible for teaching and choreographing for RnnL.

RnnL Dance微信二维码, 纽约哪里学舞蹈,纽约学韩舞,纽约学街舞,纽约舞蹈,纽约街舞,纽约kpop,纽约舞蹈学校,纽约街舞社,纽约舞蹈室,曼哈顿舞蹈,



Hip hop, Urban, Street Jazz, Lyrical Dance, Chinese Classical Dance, Chinese Folk Dance.


Teaching experience:

Pacific Ridge School Dance TA

L-idol Dance Studio K-pop instructor 

Creative Assistant (Picture/Staging) of Outburst Dance Company


Professional performance history:

Performance: Masked Dance King 2021

     Role: Backup dancer of Guan Zhibin and Jiahe Ji (Chui Na Li Sha)


Performance: Arknights Ambience Synesthesia Concert 2021

     Role: Lead performer of <Spring String>, Backup dancer of various other performances (incl.<Streets of Fire>, <Renegade>)




Meicen is a dance instructor with over 20 years of experience, who has a background in Chinese classical and folk dance as well as street dance. She graduated from Sichuan Conservatory of Music with a major in Street Jazz and is currently pursuing an MFA in Dance at SLC.
Meicen's expertise includes open-style choreography, street jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, and lyrical dance. With 5 years of teaching experience, Meicen has served as a dance instructor for AKB Team SH.

Performance and award highlights:
• 2017 World of Dance China: Second Place
• 2017 WOD World Finals: Best Theme Award
• 2018 CCTV Best Moment
• 2019 Crew Win: Second Place
• 2019 Asian Culture Carnival: Performance with Lay Zhang and William Chan
• 2020 Chinese New Year Gala: Performance with Lay Zhang and William Chan

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