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2022 RnnL Dance Showcase

Immersive | Original | Creative


Highlights ✨

-RnnL Original Choreos

-famous K-pop on fire 🔥 

-stand-up comedy host 

-games and prizes 

-Open dance floor 


Take a break to appreciate this battle dance floor 😎Don‘t miss this opportunity to meet old friends/make new friends 😜


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RnnL Dance Crew Gen IV Recruiting

RnnL Elite Team recruits every 6 months. We welcome all dance lovers to join our team. Our dance family produce dance videos, perform showcases and dance forever!


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Kpop Random Play Dance2022

The most popular Kpop event in 2022 New York. RnnL Dance presented a long-waited free public event Kpop Random Play Dance at Time Square for Kpop fans!


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Valentine's Day Duet Dance Workshop

Happy Valentine's Day!! 💗

​Enjoy a sweet special choreography by RnnL Dance.

Choreography by Dina

Instructor: Dina, Lynn, Monica, Rong Music: Some by BOL4

Video by Yang


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Chicago Performance @Columbia University

Chicago has been a Broadway classic in the musical history. To recollect this universal tale of fame, fortune and all that jazz, RnnL’s instructors rearranged the highlight scenes and choreographed a stunning showcase for the New Year Gala at Columbia University. 


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