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Kpop League Selection


Winner of 2024 Season 1

Best Team - Smart

Best Performers - Jayden

Join the K-pop League Productions to win $100 RnnL Gift Card and Swags


Valentine's weekend with
Strawberry Western
X RnnL


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who joined us in this collaborative workshop, where we explored the secrets of celestial wonders through the mesmerizing dance pieces, "Perfect Night" by Le Sserafim and "Super Shy" by New Jeans. Thank you for being a part of this magical experience, where creativity and passion intertwined to create unforgettable moments.


Columbia University Chinese New Year Gala


On February 10th, amidst the jubilant celebrations of the Chinese New Year of the Dragon, audiences were transported on a captivating journey of self-discovery. Step into a world of enchantment and empowerment with RnnL Dance's mesmerizing performance pieces, "Red Rose and White Rose."


Nassau County
Chinese New Year Gala


Brace yourself for a mesmerizing performance that celebrates bravery and unwavering passion, promising to leave audiences spellbound and inspired. On February 24th, RnnL Dance is set to ignite the stage with an electrifying remix of "Jiang" at the Nassau County Chinese New Year Gala. View for the incredible show!

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