RnnLers' Diary

We care for our students and we are thrilled to see their growth step by step.

RnnL is a big family. We share the joy of dance and create the best memories for each other.



Kpop Random Play Dance

The most popular Kpop event in 2021 New York. RnnL Dance presented a long-waited free public event Kpop Random Play Dance at Cooper Triangle for Kpop fans!


纽约舞蹈工作室 纽约表演队 纽约哪里学街舞 韩舞 Dance team NYC 曼哈顿舞蹈室

LuminoCity Festival

RnnL Dance is proud to be the only Asian dance group at the Luminocity Festival 2019, RnnL Dance Crew brought various Kpop, Cpop and Jpop style performances to the local families.


RnnL Dance Showcase, 华人在纽约登上国际舞台,纽约哪里学街舞跳舞韩舞,

​RnnL Dance Showcase 2019

It was a memorable night of the 2019 RnnL Dance Showcase was held at Sheen Center, the Loreto Theater in Soho, New York. More than 100 dancers with different backgrounds created a dance feast that showcased who we really are. More than 400 audiences from all over the world joined us for the 90-minute show. RnnL and our audiences were able to make a charitable donation to the non-profit organization to treat the kids with limb disabilities in the developing world. We hope they can all ‘Live Young, Chase Dreams’.


纽约华人街舞社 纽约哪里学街舞 曼哈顿街舞 韩舞 RnnL Dance 纽约最潮舞蹈达人

Cheerleaders for the UCBA Seasonal Final 

RnnL Cheerleaders have helped celebrate the UCBA's Championship for 3 years. We are honored to bring our energized and skilled performances to the UCBA Finals.


纽约舞蹈教室 纽约学街舞 韩舞 曼哈顿舞蹈队 华人表演团队 纽约玩啥哟 纽约打卡胜地

RnnL Anniversary

RnnLers, including all the founders and instructors, celebrated our 3rd year anniversary with a fun, hip hop choreography <I’m officially missing you> from Rong. Our dance journey is always filled with laughter, movements, and energy! 

纽约街舞 纽约舞蹈室 纽约学韩舞 曼哈顿街舞社 纽约华人表演队 纽约RnnL Dance

Meiqi Team

RnnL was featured in Chinese Singer Meiqi Meng’s new solo MV <I Like You>. Thanks to the invitation from Meiqi's fan club for the opportunity to collaborate. Our cover video was a hit on Weibo, the biggest Chinese social media platform, with more than 200 million views.